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Raising Chicks is a lot easier than you may think.  With the proper setup and a daily routine it should take about a half an hour to care for them daily.  This getting started interactive guide will get you started in the right direction.   

Poultry 101 course goes beyond the basics of raising poultry.   The interactive course takes the user through the process of raising chicks to mature chickens.  Click and drag through the training to learn the external anatomy of chicken.  The course includes lessons on incubating your own eggs to continue growing your chicken flock.  Participate in the Drills and Practices to make your own feeder and / or Water, design your own coop, and more.  This course goes beyond giving the facts, it has you complete tasks to practice your new skills.

** Special **  Monthly Subscription $15

Annual Subscription: $99

This course gives access and the use of assignments that are designed to provide feedback as you progress through the course.  

Do you know all of the classes of Poultry?  There is a lot of practice built in for you to practice memorizing the classes.

Chicken Anatomy introduces the external anatomy of the chicken, including the feather patterns and different combs.  You will be provided with resources pages to take notes and test your knowledge.  

Designing a coop should be as unique as you are.   A coop built for a large farm in Florida would be quite different than a small Alaskan suburban coop.   This training helps you to think through the necessary features for your coop.  It goes into the reason why coops are designed with certain features and will inspire you to design, build, and maintain a coop that will provide a healthy environment for your chickens and last a long time.

These are resources and information that you may find helpful.

Waterers - Feeders - (The list shall grow as time goes on!)

The Coop Cast is a collection of Pep Talks from the Award Winning Master Coach that can help you with raising chickens, breeding chickens and showing chickens.